Bogotá, February 2018.

The Menorah Foundation, the flagship social project of the Jewish community in Colombia, gave 350 Little Sun solar lamps to Afro and indigenous children and teens of Nuquí, who did not have access to energy sources. The beneficiaries are related to the migration fest, the environmental festival that celebrates the arrival of humpback whales, birds, and turtles to our country.


This initiative was born out of the partnership between Katherine Sutton, Josefina Klinger, and the Menorah Foundation. These women are social managers of the “Mano Cambiada” Foundation, an organization that works in pro of tourism, and the protection and respect for the environment in Chocó.


The Little Suns were given to children and young people who live in conditions of extreme poverty, incapable of satisfying basic needs, and whose possibilities are limited. Some of the resources that these communities lack include health and sanitation services, quality education and energy. The latter corresponds to the gap that Little Sun seeks to eliminate.


The Little Sun organization was founded in 2012 by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen. Its premise is that sustainable energy transforms lives, especially that of about 1.1 trillion people who do not have access to energy. This project is presented as a social business of Premium Suns, solar lamps, which guarantee that for every purchase of a Sun, they will delivery exactly the same model to a person from a community without electricity.


“This time, we decided to deliver the suns as a sign of empowerment and transformation of other vulnerable communities beside the Colombian women and girls, who are the driving force of the Menorah Foundation,” explained Elsie Grossman, director of the Menorah Foundation.


Energy is vital to improving educational attainment and the quality of education because it extends the available hours to learn. Therefore, it was decided that the beneficiaries were children who could use it for their growth and training.


“With the delivery of these suns, the Foundation seeks to do our part in pro of the development of Colombia. We want to empower future generations. Women are our priority, but we are not blind to the reality of the country, and that is why this is an invitation to cooperate and help each other” Grossman added.