Bogotá, February 2018

Last Wednesday, on February 14, the Subdirectorate of Freedom of Belief and Conscience Affairs of the National Government, in charge of promoting good practices among the religious communities, recognized the Menorah Foundation for its social work: the Menorah Technical School.

More than 40 years ago, the Hebrew Ladies built the Menorah Technical School and then partnered with the district in what would be the first ever public-private partnership to operate a school. The main objective of the Foundation is to transform the reality of the more than 1,900 students that attend this district institution today, having a positive impact in them, their families, and ultimately, our society.

The Menorah Foundation supports the School in different ways:

  • Providing professional staff in the areas of psychology, social work, nursing, among others – to improve the school experience of the students
  • Providing financial aid for school meals, transportation, and school supplies, in the form of scholarships, to those students who require assistance.
  • Performing annual maintenances to school facilities, and providing/replacing the required equipment for the school operation
  • Seeking more partnerships with third parties, either companies or individuals, to fund extracurricular activities and grant university scholarships so the students can go on to Higher education

“In gratitude to Colombia for allowing us to exercise our religion, we wanted to provide education. There is a very important motto that describes our Foundation:  Educating a Woman, is to Educate a Family”

Elsie Mitrani de Grossman, Menorah Foundation Executive Committee