The School

In 1974, we created and built the Menorah Technical School to ensure access to education for Colombian girls. We believe in gender equality and the education as a tool to strengthen their role of women in modern societies.

Hand in hand with the local government, we consolidated what would later become a the first public-private partnership on education in Colombia. It has been active for more than 40 years and has had a great impact, as Colegio Menorah continues to be a public school.

Menorah Foundation, through its donations, helps maintain its facilities as well as improving the student’s general welfare. Our main goal through our financial aid program is to provide meals, transportation, uniforms and school supplies to our most needed students. We also provide a cultural environment that enhances the development of many types of skills. An example of a successful program is the Totto-Menorah sports and cultural schools. It started  with 300 students, and currently we have more 1.900 attendants.

The Menorah Technical School has managed to stay at the top of the national rankings since it was established. In addition to that, in 1996 the institution formalized a partnership with the SENA (National Education Service) to ensure that the girls graduated with training in areas such as accounting or administration in order to expand the scope of their studies and professional career.


Generations of alumni from 1979 to 2018
Students have graduated from 1979 to 2018
Place in the Department (State) Ranking
Place in the National Ranking
Students are part of Totto-Menorah sports programs

Menorah Technical School Achievements

United Nations Simulation (SIMONU in Spanish)

Our Impact

Thanks to the Menorah Technical School, we have managed to materialize thousands of dreams and guide the destiny of thousands of Colombian women:

With your contribution, we empower disadvantaged young Colombian girls and women through education.