Menorah Foundation brought light to the children of Nuquí

Bogotá, February 2018. The Menorah Foundation, the flagship social project of the Jewish community in Colombia, gave 350 Little Sun solar lamps to Afro and indigenous children and teens of Nuquí, who did not have access to energy sources. The beneficiaries are related to the migration fest, the environmental festival that celebrates the arrival of [...]

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The First Lady visits the Menorah Technical School

Bogotá, February 2018. The First Lady of the nation, María Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos, visited the Menorah Technical School last Tuesday, on February 13, to deliver 140 tablets to the most outstanding students in each grade.   The students were chosen for their good academic performance, sense of belonging to the school, and participation in [...]

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Menorah Foundation awarded by the Secretariat of the Government

Bogotá, February 2018 Last Wednesday, on February 14, the Subdirectorate of Freedom of Belief and Conscience Affairs of the National Government, in charge of promoting good practices among the religious communities, recognized the Menorah Foundation for its social work: the Menorah Technical School. More than 40 years ago, the Hebrew Ladies built the Menorah Technical [...]

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